BALTFORTAS supports own created Competence Management System (CMS), using own created Competence Assurance Assessment and Verifying systems. The management systems were created in order to support an OPITO and international industries standards.

We can provide internal Audit and Verifying services to ensure that your Company Competence Management and Competence assurance systems are meets OPITO, HSE or other international standard applicable regulatory requirements for evidence of a workforce competence.

Also we conduct Verifying of Competence programmes and providing advice on improvements needed to improve the Assessment procedures.

Our OPITO certified Assessors and competence assurance Verifiers are well skilled with offshore experience, fully committed to Safety and quality of trainings.

We offer:

- Onboard Training
(BALTFORTAS can deliver industrial safety training according to global standards anywhere in the world.)

We can deliver Onboard:

· OPITO Rigger Stage 3&4 Competence Assessment
· OPITO Banksman&Slinger Stage 3&4 Competence Assessment
· Confined Space Entry
· Forklift
· Working at Heights - UNIT 2 PPE USER
· Working at Heights & Rescue
· Cherry picker

- Competence Management System (CMS) Consultancy

- Assessment and Verification Services

- Offshore maintenance services

- Qualified manpower supply